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Growing up and even now I have learned in depth about wild animals and other creatures. But when I learned about farm animals and other commonly eaten animals I was taught “milk comes from cows!” “chickens lay eggs!” very basic facts about how we consume and use them. When really these animals are so interesting and are not just “dumb” or “food” animals. People disconnect themselves from these animals so they feel less guilty when eating them.

These kinds of posts make me feel like it’s a contest to see who deserves basic decency. Kinda really bugs me.

Then again, seeing stuff like this before I was vegan probably helped me relearn the very common knowledge that animals have traits and nuances. Idk.

I feel like a lot Asian Americans feel this frustration that doesn’t feel strong enough to turn into a battle cry, right? Like, we’re not getting shot defenseless in the street for wearing a hoody.. it’s like something else completely. Even I’m hesitating to say these things because I don’t pretend that being stereotyped is as bad as being criminalized, but that’s interesting too. How do you agitate people who are just mildly irritated? How do you turn mild irritation into a rallying cause?

Anne Ishii during an interview with Elisha Lim (via killyoureuphemisms)

this is basically the face of asian america

"we’re irritated about stuff"
"we don’t know what the fuck we’re talking about"
"we’re like, the invisible minority and it sucks"

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^^^^ This. I’ve seen too many posts with this kind of sentiment in the Asian American tag.  I’m surprised my eyes haven’t fallen out from all the eye-rolling and side-eyeing I’ve been doing.

Asian Americans (especially East Asian Americans) suffer from too much navel-gazing. Did y’all forget about the Asian Americans who are criminalized and victims of state-sanctioned violence? 

Here are some examples and resources:

Hate Crimes and Xenophobic Rhetoric targeting South Asian Americans, Muslims, and Middle Eastern Americans

Deportation of Southeast Asian Americans 

Undocumented Asian Americans & more

Poverty and Low Educational Attainment in the Southeast Asian Community 

Community Report on Pacific Islander Americans

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asian americans have bought into the model minority myth because it’s easier and less painful to believe that than white america hates you too and white supremacy is real

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I want a comic book movie with a great female villain


I want a movie with a female hero who doesn’t need to be rescued by her male counterpart


I want a comic book movie where the female hero’s costume isn’t somehow made to be more feminine or sexual


I want a movie where-


I want a comic book movie that gives due recognition to the creators of—


Dredd was a pretty fantastic movie. Excellent birthday present from Karl Urban to me.

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