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I wonder if there are people out there who can have a social life and seriously work on art?
I wish I was one of those people!

I feel like when I get really in the groove with art, especially working on a project, I just can’t do anything else….want to go out this weekend, Sam? Nah man, I gotta work on my art. Go to the movies? No thanks, got some art to do. Watch some tv with my roommates? That I will do….but usually it makes me feel very guilty.

Mind you, this is not a complaint - time is a currency that has a limit and there’s nothing I’d rather spend it on than doing what I love….I just wish there were more hours in the day so I could spend some of that currency on the people I love too.

Social outings, pfffft.


Anonymous asked:

i think you're super cool but i mean dude people are allowed to have their own opinions on how and what they eat. i respect you for being vegan please try to respect me/others for NOT being vegan


I need to take a megaphone to the closest mountain top so I can scream this from the skies, in hope that this argument finally dies.

Difference in opinion DOES NOT warrant mutual respect. 

Your opinion defends everything that I stand against. 

Your opinion encourages the continuance of an institutionalized oppression that has an annual body count of 150 billion strong.

Your opinion takes the lives of loving, feeling, thinking sentient beings and reduces them to fucking nothing. Then you strip them of their victimhood by insisting this is just about what you put in your mouth.

Your opinion silences the screams of suffering bellowed out by those affected by it. So confident that nothing you are doing is wrong that you have the audacity to come to me and try to silence my words on behalf of them?

If you want some reassurance that you are allowed to have your opinion then go bask in the glow of the billions of others that share it with you and the society that encourages it. Don’t invade the place I come to hide and demand respect. Because you sure as fuck aren’t going to get any reassurance or respect from me because there is absolutely fucking NOTHING about your opinion worthy of respect.


Astronauts and cosmonauts—while getting to play with multibillion-dollar toys in space—also have an incredibly unique chance to view the Earth from a completely different perspective than many of us.

This perspective creates a newfound appreciation for our pale blue dot, as philosopher David Loy describes:

“To have that experience of awe is to, at least for the moment, let go of yourself, to transcend the sense of separation. So it’s not just that they were experiencing something other than them, but that they were, at some very deep level, integrating and realizing their interconnectedness with that beautiful blue-green ball.”

To the observer, borders seem to disappear as countries flow seamlessly into one another. Like a singular organism, Earth becomes something more than a map of divisions based upon ideology and geography.  Those who share this vantage point see Earth as one ecosystem, with all parts artfully woven together to create a perfect home for millions of plant and animal species. Conflicts between nations become less apparent, and the need for a united planetary society to protect our beautiful home becomes increasingly obvious and imperative.

This realization of the interconnectedness of all life on Earth and the need to protect it, dubbed the Overview Effect, has been reported among astronauts from the Apollo program all the way through to the current International Space Station astronauts.

Astronauts are counted among the few who get to observe the Earth from the outside with the naked eye. For those of us on the surface, NASA continues to release stunning images and video from their Earth-orbiting spacecraft. Let’s keep their funding coming, so that all of humanity has the chance to learn about the importance of our beautiful home in space!

Watch the short documentary “Overview” by The Planetary Collective, featuring commentary from experts and former Astronauts!

Visit Planetary Collective’s website:
Planetary Collective FB:
Planetary Collective Twitter:

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I still wonder who is building the bodies of Transformers (IDW verse) and what is the difference between the body of a forged one and a constructed cold.

But what is even more important: How do they decide what type of bot/frame it will be?
I mean is it like:
"Hey listen; this one…this one will…

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